Are you considering covering the seabed? Please contact us for a pleasant conversation about the subject. Covering the seabed is often performed by a desire to:

  • seal / prevent the spread of contaminated sediments
  • to avoid damage to cables / pipelines
  • securing sediments due to erosion

The placement of covering layers is performed in such a manner to avoid stirring up particles. A drop bottom barge is often used for this purpose. In areas where there is a lot of fine soil, a cloth is often used to prevent new masses sinking into the existing seabed.

If there are landslides in nearby land areas, it will often be necessary to secure sediments in the sea. This can be done by laying rough gravel or stones in larger layer widths. At quays, where there is a threat of erosion due to high propeller power, there may be a need to secure the area with concrete.

Plastering stone is often used where there is a danger that underwater currents could remove soils used for covering.